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When it comes to digital marketing, there’s always something new to learn. Technology changes with the passage of time and changing leanings mean that if you don’t make an effort to consistent do search, you’ll be at continuous risk of falling behind

SEO is the big part of digital marketing:

Are you sure that your current SEO goals are the best fit for your organization? It’s very important that they link into both your company goals and your marketing goals, as well as provide specific, computable goals so you can work to improve.

People always start from SEO goals they think that starting from SEO goals is good idea but dejectedly no it’s not..

  1. Your first and most important goal is to start from your company goals,

Once you are clear about your company goals the next step is:

  1. After that your second task is Marketing Goals.


How marketing is going to contribute to those company goals.

Marketing job is getting more traffic and bringing back more traffic that is already been to the site but needs to be re-earned and marketing goals should be tied directly to the company goals.


Although it may seem boring and sore at the start, But SEO can actually be rather fun and easy to implement. SEO always helps to increase the quantity and quality of the traffic to your site.

SEO contributes to marketing goals. SEO could be very wide-ranging in their targeting. If it’s bringing people back to your site, you’ve got to get much tighter in your keyword targeting.

Computable goals:

Computable goals list is also a very important list for digital marketing so let’s just go through it.

Here we can measure ranking in three ways. We can measure them globally, nationally, or locally. You can choose to set those up. Or you can separate the search into two different category.

Branded search versus Non-branded search:

But it’s much more interesting than it is with paid, because we don’t have the keyword data. So we must have to use an indirect model, where basically we say that, “These pages are likely to be receiving branded search traffic, or these pages that are likely to be receiving non-branded search traffic.”

Now here is a good example of homepage most brands is most likely to get mainly branded search traffic, But the resource pages, blog pages and  content marketing style pages, those are mostly going to get unbranded. So you can weight those properly as you see fit.

Tracking your site ranking is critically very important because only that way you can see which pages show up for the branded queries and which pages shows up for the unbranded queries, and then you can build pretty good models of branded search against non-branded search visits based on which landing pages are going to get traffic.

Search volume:

So for folks who are trying to improve their brand’s affinity and reputation on the web and trying to grow the quantity of branded search, you can look at that through things like Google Trends or through a Google AdWords campaign.

Email Marketing:

Email marketing boost your business engagement. This way you can better communicate with your existing customers and reach out new audiences.

E-marketing is cost effective most online platforms offer affordable monthly rates and even free plans for a limited number of subscribers and it is very easy to use you don’t have to design a template you just need to drag and drop interfaces and that’s it your template is ready.

The best emailing services offer the possibility to segment your list so that you can better target your campaigns. And you will better understand your customer behavior.

So taking all of these steps, these should be applied to the digital marketing goals and increase your business ranking.